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Following on from the recent difficulties I've had with our unit, AKA Marvin, and then the "interesting" time spent getting spares here in NZ, could I make a suggestion? That Electrolux put all the parts lists and service manuals on the web for all to see? It would save me from having discussions with suppliers along the lines of "who gave you that part number?" and being told several times (verbally and via E Mail) that I was on my own, no help could be given if the repair failed, no warranty could be given etc etc, all of which felt really hostile. And yes, I know that if I screw it up it's not Electrolux's fault, if I break it I get to keep both halves, etc. But it really would be nice if the information was available. If a company like Stihl can do it with all their chainsaws, I reckon Electrolux can too.


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    Not an employee but the reason is that the lasers and the cameras and all the other things in it are extremely delicate, and not something that's easily repairable / replaceable if it even is repairable / replaceable! There was another user on here that said that they had problems with their robot just going in a circle and then docking again, that was because one of the lasers had died and that isn't a repairable / replaceable part of the robot, so they ended up getting a new robot entirely! that's why they don't publish the service manuals for their robots. and the fact that you're comparing chainsaws to a robot vacuum is a bit undermining the robot. A chainsaw is much simpler than a robot vacuum.


  • I'm not comparing chainsaws to robots. I'm comparing Stihl to Electrolux. If one can publish parts lists on the web then so should the other.

    The argument goes like this:-

    We need the right to repair. The device belongs to me. If I break it, I get to keep both halves, but sell me the spares.

    It is most patronising to assume that end users do not have any technical knowledge. I work on industrial robots, which just goes to show how this approach underestimates the abilities of end users.

    We have since scrapped the i9. We now have a Roomba. I can get all the bits I want.

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