Requests for setting up zones in the Floor Planner

・ I hope that the zone can be specified with complex shapes.
  ・Rectangle + Rectangle
  ・Rectangle - Rectangle
・I want to eliminate the maximum size limit of the zone.

Thank you.

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  • I want to edit the zone like the attached figure.

  • Thanks for your suggestion! We guessed that advanced users would like to do more shapes than rectangles, but we started simple. That way, it's easy to work with on a small screen, and we can get real customer feedback before we choose what to work on next.

    Note that you can get the same effect already today, by making several CleanZones and just adding them after each other in the program for that day.

  • Thanks for the comment

    I hope the zone specification method will be better. There is a limit to the maximum size of zones you can draw.

    Our house is a little short of the arrangement. I want this restriction to be extended or eliminated.

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