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Hello. I think it would be a great value for the customer if the robot could be remotly controlled with camera feed transfer to the cell phone - even if only for internal network/wifi usage. This would be an extremely fun use case for entire family with great opportunity for free marketing with people uploding their experiences on social netowrks.
Second option - difficult but helpful - would be a remote control via secure cloud. This would allow very simple (although very useful) house checks like: whether I have left an iron on? Have my neighbour flooded me again? Have my house had been broken into? etc.
While the first option would be relatively free to maintain (excluding R&D), the second could be maintained as a new stream of income via subscription fee.

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  • It's not a camera in the classical sense. There is a video of what the bot sees on here somewhere.

    Incidentally, LG does this with their 3D camera system and everyone hates it. It was hacked almost immediately and, well, lots of things got seen by strangers...

  • A Remote Control Driving (Like RC Toy Cars) would still be useful, even without showing any Camera Images. My Robot is placed under my Bed. When I want to empty the dust container, I have to crawl under the bed to get it, and again to return it to the charger. (I know I could, start, wait for it to come out under the bed , stop it, grab it...)

    With a Remote Control Option I would dock of and drive out under the bed.

    After I emptied the container, I would put the robot next to the bed, drive back next to the charger and say "search for home".

    Would be very helpfull.

  • You can ask it to search for home already today by clicking the button with a house on it in the app. It works when cleaning and when it is not cleaning.

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