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I bought the a Pure i9 a month ago. I have a 5-room house. The vac only clean the room where with the HOME station in it. The vac never try to get to any other 4 rooms. Have I missed something so that the vac can work in all 5 rooms. Or I have to move the HOME station from room to room? Thank you.

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  • jhojho Member

    Hi mrmegadeth, Yes, thanks for the suggestions to my questions. If take the HOME station as the centre, it could be about 15~20 metre radius to the far corners.

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi jho,
    Not sure that the below tips will be appropriate for your robots but it might so I might as well share them.

    Place the charger centrally in the cleaning surface. Be sure to place the charger against a wall. Works great under furniture as long as there is free spaces on the sides of the charger.

    Do not move the robot by hand during cleaning. It will make it confused especially at the beginning as it has not learned the area it is cleaning in. Later on when it knows your home it will be easier to find where it has been placed but it will look confused for a while before it grasps what has happened.

    If you have rugs that are difficult to vacuum for a human, the robot will also find it difficult. Block or roll up the carpets the first time the robot runs, it learns the area it should clean.

    Other carpets are difficult for the robot as they push the robot in one direction and brake it in the other direction. It usually goes well when there are not too many things on the carpet but if you have chairs and tables with many legs the robot can find it difficult to know where it is when the turns make the carpet push the robot more or less and it has to find where it is over and over again.

    Each time it starts and ends in the charger without getting lost it will save your home in memory for the next time. If you can help the robot succeed a few times, it can get better. Block difficult carpets and lift up chairs.

    Hope that helps

  • jhojho Member

    @MartinKwarnmark, thanks for the advises. How can I help the robot to set the HOME. As there are times it could not find the HOME.

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