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Replace cover on side electric eye

KathleenKathleen Member
edited September 2019 in Q&A

How do you put the cover back on the side electric eye? was wiping covers off like normally do and one of the side covers fell inside the robot. cover fell out of the bot on floor. Looks fine is not damaged. Now trying to figure out how to take bot apart to snap cover back on -- left electric eye.


  • coninoxconinox Member

    I'm interested too if someone have a solution. It happened to me few days ago in the same situation.

  • Sent an email to the tech team and no response as of yet.

  • LucasLucas Member

    Any answer to this? Just had the same issue

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    The robot will work fine without the window, but you might need to blow the dust out a bit more often than you otherwise would.

    Having said that, it is possible to get the bumper off to snap the window back into place, but it is tricky. Also note that pulling the robot apart probably voids your warranty. So only do this if you really really want that window back in, and don't care about the warranty.

    Take off the brush roll cover on the bottom, as you do when you clean the roller brush.

    Then put the robot on your lap with the sensors facing away from you. Hold the bumper with your thumb on top, just to the left of the right-hand laser window. Put your fingers on the bottom of the bumper directly underneath. Squeeze the top and bottom of the bumper together until you hear a click, and it becomes possible to move the bumper forward. You have to squeeze pretty hard, but not too hard! Do the same on the left side (just to the right of the left window) and you have released the bumper. The back edges of the bumper can then be gently bent out and the bumper removed from the robot. Finding the right spot is tricky, and squeezing the right way is also a talent, not everyone manages to do it (even people who work with these robots).

    If you decide to do this and manage to get the bumper off, be very careful not to damage the electronics and laser modules inside the robot. Once the bumper is off, you will see where you can snap the window back into place. Put the back edges of the bumper onto the robot (you will see some plasic guides there which let it slide in the right way). Then finally push the bumper backward and hear the click on each side as the retention hooks re-engage. Make sure that the bumper moves smoothly back and forth as well as side to side when you are finished, otherwise the robot may think the bumper is triggered when it isn't.

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