Dead robot?

My vacuum is completely dead. I've only had it about 4 months. It's on the charger but nothing happens even if I wiggle it around. Could the batteries be dead already?


  • Hi there it could be an issue of dirt on the contact plates as I've had this before.
    Perhaps get a rubber and clean the contact plates this is what I did and happy days are here again with Wilma (My purei9). Could you post a picture of the bottom of the robot and if there is some black (for the want of a better phrase) muck on the contact plates then the Purei9 won't be able to charge and this could be the issue.

  • Hi the same thing has happened with My 2 month old Pure i9 and I have tried cleaning the contacts with a rubber but there is still no power. Any ideas please?

  • Try removing the batteries and did you do an update ? This is whats happening to mine
    Been trying to update my Purei9 for 2 days now and each tume it canceled the update and turns off. I have tried everthing to turn it back on but display will not work other then to show "off" it can not be found with app. I have have to remove batteries each time to reset it.

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