Stops and says that "my dustbin is not in place"

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My first post at this forum.
I really enjoy my i9, but the last month I have had some issues with it.
It stops and says that "I am paused". Always at the same spot. And when trying to get it to start again, or to return home, it says that "my dustbin is not in place".

The spot where it stops is under a desk, facing a Sonos Sub, which is shiny white. See attached images. The problem started when I got my new sub.
What causes the i9 to pause. And what causes it to say that the dustbin is removed? When I move it manually and resumes cleaning it works fine.



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    I have the exact same issue with my Pure I9.  I have a homemade subwoofer with a 10kg magnet driver. When the robot comes close to it I get the same message.

    My guess is that the magnetism from the drivers fiddles withe the dustbin switch somehow.

    I need to black an obstacle in front of the sub every time it cleans, or it will get stuck. 


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    Thanks for your response!
    Very interesting and probably very true that the magnetism is what causes the problems. I have another sub, of the same model but black, but that never causes any problem. Hence that was why I mentioned the shiny white surface, since I thought that it might be the problem. But the other sub is standing up and therefore the magnetic field probably does not interfere with the robot.
    Since the problem only occurs like 3 times out of five, it must be just on the limit...


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