How long should the battery last?

So right now its driving around looking for the charger for the second time this run. I dont know how long it has been cleaning but its not a big apartment.

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  • I personally think 40 mins is kinda short after a full charge....

  • galzgalz Member

    For me the ECO mode can do 70-75 minutes, that was the top.
    I always use ECO mode, it is suitable for carpets as well - for me at least.

    For some future implementations, it would be great to see:

    • The battery purcentage durnig charging
    • The time remaining until full charge

    Is it possible to optimize the cleaning, when only a little spot is missing but the device went back to charge, to continue it after a small amount of charge, not after a full charge?

    For example, yesterday, only a little spot was missing. The device went back to charge, but after 30 minutes I manually started it and finished that spot about in a minute.

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