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Manually updating the robot

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The robot can be manually upgraded using the USB connector hidden by the dust-bin. This can for example be needed if you have trouble onboarding the robot.

  1. Download the firmware: Pure i9, or Pure i9.2
  2. Remove the dust-bin and pull out the small rubber protector for the USB port.
  3. Connect the robot to your computer using a micro USB cable, leading to it showing up as a mass storage device. NB! Some USB cables are only for charging and won't work for data transfer! Verify with other device.
  4. Put the downloaded FW file on the device.
  5. Use the "safely remove device" option, to make sure the file is properly written.
  6. Unplug cable. Upgrade should start.

Same instructions, with images:

The license information for the firmware can be found here:


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