Battery Duration?


Hi - my robo stopped today after 33 m2 and did not restart again by its own - root cause? It is in use since Nov18. btw it never learnt to clean my room in such a logic way that it could finish it in one go - any possibility to split my room in 2 section?


  • Hi,
    Is it one cleaning that it didn't resume the cleaning after it charged during a cleaning? or does it happen every time?

    It is curently not possible to split the room in 2 sections.

  • The robo did not work for a while and was released to do full room job (see foto)

    . As per Mai/April it seems to happen more often. the size is around 60m2 but this never is done in once, the time for recharge is annoying- making the process last 3-4 hours (noise, room blocked,..)

  • Have you changed anything in the home that could make the robot go home too early? like moved furniture or added rugs etc.?

    Since you say it started to happen in May/April it could be that the sun is causing it. Can you try to close the blinds when the robot should run?

  • A) change room- no, not at all

    B) sun could be, but, that would from my point of view rather be spring, when sun has a flat angle, but now with a wide roof/ sun blade should not be the case (foto see shadow line 1 mt outside room)

    we can try your proposal closing blinds

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