Public beta testing of firmware and apps

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Has this ever been considered? Would expose the cleaners to some real world environments that labs don't

A way to roll back would of course be essential


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    I asked and was denied.

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    Us developers run the robot quite often at our homes, inspecting its behaviour. We also have a larger, internal test group used for testing of every customer release.

    Though it is a problem that all, or at least a big majority, of these testers are located in Sweden. For example, almost all apartments have thresholds for every room, creating a natural divider for the robot. We did not realize this is not the case in a lot of other countries.

    Regardless there is no plan to have an external test group right, because of the administration and support it would require.

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    Perhaps an alternative idea would be beta functionality in the main releases locked behind a install "licence" file that you copy to the onboard USB. IF the user is technical enough to I shall the licence file he is technical enough to remove the beta features by removing the key.

    I work in software engineering and have similar challenges on how to get widespread testing and we did this later option, which allowed us to deliver a single software release that had unlockable beta features included and it worked really well, as the following release those features became live for all users and new features entered beta.

    Right now, I would argue that the support is less than ideal, as my robot is still getting jammed under things, and whilst there are fixes, I don't have access to try them, so my support experience would be enhanced if I had a chance to either fix my issue early, or flag the the fix doesn't work and get it investigated before widespread release.

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    It is very sad, but that is why Chinese companies will kick some european companies ass.

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