Getting jammed under things

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Firmware 38.7

My robot decides to jam himself under things now. This is where we always find him with a totally drained battery

He seems to not judge heights very well


  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    There is some variation in the robot's height measurement between individuals. Especially with carpets this can cause trouble. Sadly not much to do in the current release. Will have a feature to help you in later releases, though.

    Not so nice, but you can of course put something under the edge, to keep the robot out. Or maybe a small strip of tape that hangs down 1 cm or so - small enough to not be visible from a normal angle. But yeah, not so pretty regardless.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Thanks, will try the tape trick and report back. Any additions to the app to set these sort of parameters would be great.

  • VimFuagoVimFuago Member ✭✭

    Any ETA on a fix for this, our current fix which is a cushion wedged under there looks ugly, I never got the tape to work. Hoping a firmware fix is coming along soon for this.

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