Changing my property is OK?


to make a long story short: Many complain that the new firmware versions don't work well anymore.
Some may have considered the device to be good before buying it and then bought it.

Of course everything works in the beginning.

Then Electrolux comes to my house, makes changes to the product I already paid for without asking me and disappears. The product doesn't work the way it did when I decided it worked well enough to buy it. Auto Update is what they call it.

Electrolux could solve the problem by offering the old firmware versions for download or downgrading them in some other way. But they don't.

Personally, I'm also happy with the new versions.
But I find it obviously wrong to change the product in the possession of the customer simply unasked. To refuse to take back the change is actually an impertinence.

My opinion.


  • NiclasKNiclasK
    edited June 13

    There is no automatic update. The user always have to confirm every new software update.

  • WorkaWorka
    edited June 14

    Not true!
    In the past, updates were performed when the robot was started on a schedule.

  • There is no automatic update. Are you sharing your account with someone else? if so, the other person may have accepted the update.
    There are two ways to be informed when a new update is available.
    1. the app can display a message that an update is available.
    2. you can get a push notification telling that there is a new software available.

    You can decide not to apply the update.

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