Troubleshooting after Update

Hi. My robot is not finding home like it used to after the update. Even if I place it in front of the home station it roles around and goes the other way. After going around for up to one hour it finally finds home. One more thing is it’s not cleaning like it used to either. It feels like it’s confused and stand on the same spot and making circles.


  • eLPiieLPii Member

    Same here ;) After the last update it seems to be completely lost sometimes.

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator admin

    Picking the robot up is a bit problematic, because it assumes it's still in the same spot when you start it again. Also, we do not 100% trust the sensors, it can easily see "false chargers", so it first wants to go back to where it remembers the charger is - this can of course be quite off, if the robot has its position wrong.

    Hard to say why it's moving in circles - could be sunlight confusing the sensor, making it think there's an obstacle in front of it. If it's possible for you to record a video, I could comment on its behaviour.

  • eebeeeebee Member

    Since the last update, which promised better performance on finding Home, it is much worse. It just goes round in large circles until it runs out of battery. All these updates bringing hope so quickly dashed!

  • osamsonosamson Member

    My Purei9 is in a similar state after the update, too.

    My Purei9 is cleaning the back of the kitchen counter and is returning to the home for charging.

    But He goes back and forth inside the counter.

    He finally escaped after repeating it three times.

    It didn't happen in previous versions. I am very unhappy about the latest update.

  • ShmakShmakShmakShmak Member

    that's exactly what’s mine doing too. (Both of comments). It sometimes want to go back to the charger before the battery is out. It’s been working like 10-15 minutes. One time it wanted to go into the wall back to the charger. And it tried to do so like 15 minutes just going back and bouncing the wall like it wanted to break it. In the app it had never been on that spot at all. It looked really funny. And one more thing is it misses a lot of spots when cleaning even in the app it feels like it just want to go to the same spots it been before and not wanting to explore new spots it just stands in front of a new spot and looking at it before it goes back to the same spot it already been even if it’s totally empty in front of it.

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator admin
    edited June 2019

    It sure does sound like your robots are lost. When this happens, you quite often end up with the robot trying to go to some new area, it thinks, but in reality it's a previously cleaned area, or not even reachable.

    Does the robot always get lost, or it only some of the runs? Does the map in the app look weird too?

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