Downgrade Firmware

Guys, how can I downgrade the firmware of my robot?
I don't need the bling bling from the 39 version...

I just want to have a working robot, that doesn't need to have Internet.
If there's no option, please integrate it into your app.
(Cleaning performance is really shitty for the moment with the 39 version)

Thank you.


  • You cannot. When 36 came out the transition was a lot worse. 36 was horrible for most of us for about 2 weeks then "it started to work" with no changes. Was weird.

    Try a reset on the bot. Then give it a bit of time. Time has fixed most of the issues I've seen after a firmware update (this is my 4th).

  • mrmegadeth, how can I perform a reset?

    PS: Small typo in my previous message, it's not the 39 version, it's the 38.7 version

    1. Take off charger
    2. Long press play until you see OFF in the display.
    3. Insert in the charger to restart.
  • Downgrade functionality immediately! Please.

  • Completely lost on floor, can't use my robot anymore... If there's no second update or downgrade (better solution), I've to send it back

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