Release 38.7

We've just released version 38.7.


  • The robot will remember where it has cleaned previously, in order to optimize its cleaning pattern, try again to reach any areas it missed, and to return to its charger, if started from some other position
  • Fixed a problem which prevented some brands of mobile phones from connecting to the robot
  • Improvements have been made to battery management, to reduce the likelihood of the robot running out of power on the way back to the charger
  • General stability improvements
  • Docking with the charger is smoother


  • Really doesn't seem to have made any difference to its operation. Mine still gets lost on the way back to the base and runs out of power, thus never every restarting cleaning from where it stopped. Keeps going over the same area again and again. When it is returning it actually tries to get further away from the docking station.

    Only had the damn thing 2 weeks and it hasn't worked well more than twice.

  • The 38.7 is very very bad, and I want a downgrade function in my app immediately!!

  • Completely lost on floor, can't use my robot anymore... If there's no second update or downgrade (better solution), I've to send it back

  • Downgrade isn't possible. Give it a few weeks. It always gets better. try a reset too

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    @oddangryshot, do you have a lot of carpets? That could lead to the robot getting confused.

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    @DeLol, as mrmegadeth wrote, you cannot downgrade the robot. The first video does look weird - not sure what the robot is doing. Maybe the high gloss floor is causing reflections, making the robot think there are obstacles all around it.

    The second video is not as weird. Probably it saw a "ghost" obstacle, which it is trying to circle. After that it's transporting somewhere (albeit taking a bit of a round-about path).

  • @raahlb yes, it seems that the robot has problems with the gloss floor, I've played around with it, and it seems that the cleaning pattern is improving with dimmed light (@ evening/night).
    But this didn't happened with the 36 fw

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    @DeLol, hm, we should have not changed that part. Interesting!

  • I've noticed that on very sunny days the bot is a bit misbehaving. On cloudy days it's better.

    My guess was scattering of the infrared lasers.

    DeLol, change of weather? Close the blinds and see if it's better.

  • Hmmmmm, today the app absolutely will not connect to the bot.

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    Yes, sunlight often messes up the robot's cleaning, making it see non-existing obstacles.

  • To be honest, I would rather have rough “docking” and a robot that cleans my house. At the moment the robot hasn’t finished one clean since the “upgrade” and I have to carry it back to the dock because it gets lost every time.

  • Doesn’t clean properly, continuously missing some floor areas and drains battery way quicker than it was before. Cannot clean even smaller areas on one charge to what it use to do without any problems !!

    is there any chance to roll back the software?

  • No roll backs allowed . Sounds strange but it will get better. Every firmware update sucks the first 4 to 5 full cleans and then gets better.

  • @Kirk how long does it take to drain the batteries?

  • It's not getting better with every cleaning...

    I'm using my robot without Internet (Yes there are still people who doesn't want to present there home to the internet!), and after two weeks it's loosing the actual time and also sometimes (after it lost the time) it does a reboot in cleaning mode and doesn't continue.

    I'm still for a rollback option in the app!

  • How do I download this upgrade using a Mac? I tried clicking on the file and it says I need an application to open .rpl file

  • Follow the instructions from here to update you robot manually to the latest SW:

  • Try to clean the charging pads on the charger and on the robot. If you can post the log files it would be great.

    Is that in normal or Eco?

  • KirkKirk
    edited August 21

    @NiclasK Thanks for the advice.

    1. Charging pads are perfectly clean.
    2. It is normal operation mode (not Eco)
    3. Please see the log file attached

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  • RafaelRafael ✭✭✭

    When can we expect a new release? And what will be the improvements? Would be great to share more info on it.

    ps: I tried to find information about it in other posts and found nothing. Perhaps would be good to have a post in the 'News & Announcements' regarding the upcoming release so it gives a bit more of transparency to all of us.

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