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Since yesterday I own a pure i9 and already getting stuck too much whilst the network setup. Now the smart phone for remote control and the pure i9 are in their own WLAN with broadcasted SSID (as I saw the feature request for adding the flexibility for hidden Networks is pending since a good while).

Further I saw posts of customers surprised by new firmware features and bugs and being given advice using the USB interface.

I found a lot of information snippets here but not a full length user guide covering topics like features in the very detail, including use of interfaces (e.g. USB), firmware upgrade procedures, communication matrix for firewall settings, etc. Plus detailed information about the information flow toward Electrolux and partners(?).

Plus of course the a full documentation/list of the spare parts (part numbers and prices) and repair services as well - but I guess that's not your part. I just wondered if "Replace motor after having been exposed to liquids" isn't such a service which almost that expensive lika a new pure i9?

Regarding the firmware I wonder where to download it manually when my the app refuses to provide me any further information (Error code: S:417) and where to find the full release notes. My releases are App 6.1 , pure i9 34.16.

Also I'm looking for a way to switch off the WLAN (e.g. to mitigate vulnerablities once there are no upgrades available any more). Is there any EOL of the product support known?

Last but not least. If I would decide to return my pure i9 whilst the 30 days trial period I would need to know how a proper factory reset needs to be initiated.

Is there a possibility for doing settings not beeing shown or offered in the App using a CLI ?

BR and thank you for providing the links to the requested sites and documents


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    For the update using USB, there is a guide here:
    If that page isn't available for you (I get my page in swedish), you can download the update file from:
    Remove the dustbin and connect a USB data cable (not charging cable) to the connector on the left side. The display should show SUPG. Put the file on the USB mass storage that will show up. Eject the mass storage before unplugging the USB cable and the update will start.

    You can disable WIFI. But it will have some drawbacks, e.g. no scheduled cleanings will run. To disable wifi seethe bottom of this page:

    Currently there is no factory reset available.

    There is no available interface to change settings on the robot. The app is used to make all changes with the excption for the wifi etc explained in the link above.

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    Thank you for the fast reply!

    Now I was able to run the firmware upgrade. But still I didn't find any release notes nor any detailed descriptions e.g. if a downgrade is possible? In terms of autonomous house hold robots possible to be scheduled it's quite an issue! Before leaving the robot alone for any days there must be taken a decision. If the new release addresses a critical security issue it must be applied. If the system runs stable so far and the new release is mainly to deploy new features it's maybe better to stick to the current release.

    At least the robot now properly connects to the cloud and now I could trigger the cleaning from anywhere with with my app. For trial purpose I also allowed any outbound traffic temporarily for the robot but locked it down again. Could you confirm that all is covered by outbound HTTPS (TCP Port 443)? Is the clock set over HTTPS by 'your cloud' or are NTP or other services required in any way?

    Is the cloud account including the statistics also accessible by a web browser?

    Oh - how can you live without factory reset? There must be a method in place!? What's the procedure when Electrolux gets customer returns - But there are no refurbished devices shipped with still stored network credentials or logs to new customers? What should customers do when they decide to sell their robot? How do you in R&D reset the devices to a certain state before running any release tests which must be reproducible?

    From my understanding the privacy statement does cover data of 'dumb' sensors (e.g. temperature, counters,...) well but it does not explicitly mention about the camera telemetrics. Is the 3D approach based on planes and edges or is there a buffer of recorded 'plain' pictures or 3D shapes which might be transmitted as telemetric data?

    How can a robot be tied to the owners account in order not everyone who gets physical access can just reset it by having the app and turn it upside down?

    Regarding the still open questions I'm also looking forward for a reply.

    Thanks again and BR!

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    The release note is available in the app when a new update is pending. I know there have been discussions about also publish the release notes on the community too. But I don't know the status for that.

    See this thread about privacy:

    For the sensor, checkout this video

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    Did anyone happen to download any of the older firmware versions, like 38.xx that they could share?

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