My robot doesn’t find 3 of my rooms


I have had my robot for a month now but it insists on not vaccuming 3 of my rooms.

it vaccums the other 3 just fine.

Doorstep hight is aprox 1 cm.

I have manuelly lifted the robot in to these rooms and then it does the job - but wont find the rooms the next day.

My appartement is 90 squaremeters.

what can I do?



  • Hi,
    When you lift the robot to one of the rooms that it didn't find at first, did it try to climb out of that room and clean the rest of the area?

    How is the threshold looking like?
    What type of floor is it behind the thresholds?
    Is the robot making any attempt to go into the rooms? I.e. is it rotating in front of the thresholds?


  • Hello,

    no, it cleans the room them moves on.

    The threshold is just a simple dark wood threshold aprox 1 cm.

    on the other side of the threshold is a dark woodfloor.

    The robot doesn’t make any special attempts to enter the roms.

    However, when it returns to the dockning station it can climb just the same type of threshold.



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