Pure i9 - Feature Requests

1) Geo Fencing and No-go zones (editable by user, eg don't enter bathroom)
2) Room edge drawing on map (editable by user)
3) Room name labelling (by the user)
4) Room priority cleaning. eg clean lounge room 40% more than other rooms)
5) Siri integration (with room labelling, clean/pause/stop)
6) Spot cleaning remotely by specifying on the room map.
7) Real time location tracking. Currently its lagging.
8) Real time battery remaining percentage
9) estimated time until restart after charging
10) estimated time until battery charge needed
11) User can choose normal or eco mode for each room

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  • rorororororo Member

    I second the request for the feature to set up no-clean zones which will be respected when the robot is cleaning the whole flat.

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