Will emptying the dust bin cancel cleaning for the rest of the day?

AndersJAndersJ Member ✭✭

My robot needs 4 sessions per day to clean the entire house.
Now and then,
while cleaning, it informs me that the dust bin is full.

If I empty the bin while charging, in between cleaning sessions,
it seems to cancel the remaining cleaning sessions of that day.
The next day it is back to normal.

Is this by design, or is it a bug?
/Anders J


  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    It should not cancel the session. When you pop out the dustbin, you might be moving the robot enough for it to lose contact with the charger. Try holding the robot down with the other hand, when removing the dustbin.

  • AndersJAndersJ Member ✭✭

    Thanks, will try holding it still while emptying.

    are you saying that taking it out of the charger momentarily
    will cancel the cleaning sessions for the rest of the day?

    If yes to that,
    it seems like a questionable design decision.
    Is there a good reason for that, or is it maybe a bug?

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    I think there's a 100 ms timeout or something, not sure. @NiclasK, can you comment on this?

  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator mod

    yes, 100 ms timeout.

  • AndersJAndersJ Member ✭✭

    Are you saying that if the robot is taken out of the charger,
    for example as a response to "my dust bin is full",
    then it will not resume cleaning for the remainder of that day?

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    Yes, removing the robot from charger during a pit-stop will abort the cleaning. If your charger is in a hard to reach spot, you could press play to force the robot out early, and then remove the dust-bin, without aborting the cleaning.

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