Does the display panel stay on when charging

lisa_wilsonlisa_wilson Member

weve just bought a pure i9 and I’m wondering if the display panel is meant to go blank when charging. The time and battery indicator (and all other lights are on that are meant to be), but after a couple of mins it all goes off. It looks like the i9 is off but the app still says charging. Is this normal as the instructions don’t indicate the lights should all go off. I pressed the play button which made the lights all come back on but that seemed to cancel it going back to where it last left off cleaning.

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  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    Yes, it will shut off the lights after some time charging. Though, not if it's doing a pitstop during the cleaning session - then the lights should be blinking all the time, and pressing play should send it back to where it left off.

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