Can't upgrade the pure i9 and other issues

I just bought a pure i9.
Time isn't displayed on the robot, it just shows "--:--", even thou it's been connected to wifi for some time.
I can see the robot on the iphone-app, can start it and it cleans but I can't set a schedule - they disappear when I restart the app and the robot doesn't start according to it.

I can't upgrade to the latest firmware using the app (gets a communication error, error code S:417). When trying to update it by using a computer it says that the file isn't valid - using (3Dvision_0.13_36.13_signed.bin). Besides trying to update I have also tried to reset it but with the same issues...

Any helpful tips?


  • It seems like you don't have a proper connection to the cloud, but only access across the local wifi. Does not explain the problem with mass storage upgrade, though.

    Can you attach the log files that can be found on the mass storage device? Either here or in a private message to me.

  • So, I managed to upgrade via usb using a mac instead of a pc. See attached files.
    However, the upgrade didn't fix any of the other issues....
    But what can I do to get a proper connection to the cloud?

  • The connection bug should be fixed in the next release. Looking at early summer, right now.

  • Same here! I have had the issue for at least a week. Can't use the schedule anymore.

    Can you please speed up the next release?


  • There is just too much overhead in making a release, sadly. We're starting the release process this week, and then we'll spend a lot of time on quality assurance. @MartinKwarnmark, do you have any details regarding the release date?

  • The release should happen in mid May. No promise on exact date as we may find things to fix in our last step of testing which is a field test on a larger scale than lab tests. It is not far away and we are doing our best to speed it up to get all the good things out as soon as we can.

  • Released?

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