Cleaning the robotic vacuum's front and camera windows

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Cleaning the robotic vacuum's front and camera windows

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    Clean the window with a dry soft cloth to remove light dust. If the windows are heavily soiled, a mild detergent may be used to clean them.

    Warning: The laser window's glass is fragile, use caution when cleaning it and do not apply excessive pressure.


  • jensjens

    Is there any chance that you can identify if the glasses of the front camera's are dirty/dusty? I think that if you analyze the picture quality then you should be able to inform the owner via the app that there is a need to clean them?

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    @jens Welcome to the community! yes if the lens is too dirty/dusty so that the robot is unable to navigate the robot will give a E:16 “Please check my 3D Vision System”. I have been running my robot at home every weekday for about a year and have so far not encountered this issue related to dust. The same error can also happen in case something like a curtain get stuck and hangs over the front of the robot.

  • @P1r , great that the robot is aleeady checking this..- i can confirm from my about 1 year usage that this issue has not occured for me either... :-)

  • How to clean camera window if it becomes dirty from the inside?

  • I would leave it - as said above, the camera can handle quite a lot of dust before it starts losing performance.

    Opening the bumper and/or camera window is not something we recommend users to do, so if the robot gets the error code E:16 because of dust inside the window, you should take it to a service center.

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