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Hi, First of all i think you have a great product. It's nice to see that you value your users input in this community. I noticed that the i9 per default gets its IP address from DHCP on first setup. I have multiple subnets in my LAN and i want to be able to set the IP, subnetmask and DNS manually. I can't however find a settings section for this. Can the robot connect without a DHCP server? I solved the problem by defining a static lease in the DHCP on the subnet i want the robot to be in. But in future versions i would like to see a TCP/IP section in the settings.

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  • NiclasKNiclasK Member, Moderator admin


    There is no support to manually configure the network settings. DHCP is needed.

    Your feature request has been noted.

  • maengmaeng Member


    Ok, thanks for the information. I hope it's implemented soon. You should not assume that everyone is running a DHCP server and only use one network.

  • nodustnodust Member

    Speaking of doing a workaround via DHCP. Either there should be a manual function to renew the DHCP lease (after having determined the MAC address and then having defined the static IP address in the DHCP server). But why isn't the MAC address not printed on the sticker beside the bar code? This would allow a configuration beforehand.

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