How to stop scheduling after a certain time

So, i have set scheduling to commence at 8am each morning. The purei9 has only managed to clean 79m2 today in between charging (brand new machine) and now in the evening when everyone is going to bed its trying to continue cleaning. Can i tell it to sleep between certain times?


  • Hi,
    Sadly we do not have this functionality. You'll have to manually stop it in the app.

    Though the long cleaning time makes it seem like the robot is having trouble. Does it act like it is lost, spending a lot of time driving back and forth by the same wall or furniture?

  • It seems to be going fine except it takes a very long time to recharge so most fo the day its on charge and only cleans 3-4 times would be my guess. It was brand new last week.

  • Put the bot on eco mode. Still cleans well but may solve your issue.

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