I cannot connect the app to an open network

When setting up the app it requires a passwork for my wifi network however i run an open network as i have no close neighbours and do not want to have to change this and all my smart devices. How can i get the app to connect when no password is needed?


  • Hi,
    This is not possible right now. I'll add it to our issue tracker. Not sure when we will have time to implement it, though. Is it possible for you to set up a secondary wifi, with a password?

  • P1rP1r admin

    There reason why it is not possible is due to security concern. We value our customers privacy and we have spent a lot of time to make sure that the robot is secure and as part of this we do not allow it to connect to open networks.
    Even tough it is far away to your neighbors I would still recommend to setup your router in WPA mode. You never know who is driving by sniffing for open networks.
    Best Regards

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