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I have a problem that the purei9 won’t connect to WAN, it can connect to the LAN.

When i tried a outher router and provider i hade no problems, i heard that on other robots the problem is that some ports can be closed in the router by the provider.

so my question is what ports need to be opened four the purei9.

I have already tried the “put out the battery solution” :)

excuse my bad writing.


  • raahlbraahlb admin

    Ports 3000-3002 are used for setting up the robot. UDP broadcast is used for the robot and app to find each other. However, these ports are only used locally, not towards the cloud server. For the cloud only regular HTTPS is used.

    What model of router are you using? We've had some issues with certain models, so that could also be the reason.

  • A i understand, the routers name is telenor’s Technicolor 799 Xtream

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    OK - not one that we recognize as a problematic one.

    So, you can onboard the robot in the app, but don't get a cloud connection? What if you try to onboard it again?

  • Yes i can, and i tried severel time to onboard. after disconnected the batteries, also upgraded the firmware with usb stick and tried, same results. I also restarted router. and did a factory reset on router, and put the firewall to lowe.

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    Can you connect the robot to a computer using the USB port hidden by the dustbin? Then you'll get some log files - please attach them here in a post, or in a private message to me.

  • Absolutly but i can’t do it right now, its my wife’s parents :)

  • Hi @Oskar,
    I see the robot managed to connect to a wifi network around the 27th of March. Is this when you tested it with another router?

    I see it connecting to another network afterwards, but getting disconnected soon after - though this might just be a connection attempt timeout.

  • Hello

    A yes thats the time i connected it to my own network.

    After that i tried to connect it to my wife’s parents network and it won’t connect.

    i will try to swap my router with them, and see if that works.

    Do the robot behaves different if it’s wan connected, because it is cleaning the same place several time.

  • Hi,
    Some people have reported weird cleaning behaviour when the robot has wifi issues.

    Of course, it is also possible that it just has trouble localizing itself. Do they have wall-to-wall carpets, or many carpets?

  • Hello

    i switched to another router. and the problem was still there. I did a reset. uninstalled the app and pitt out the batteries and tried again, same result, no connection to wan. then i tried connected it to a mobile scared network. and it worked. and after that connect to the old Router. and now it works :) strange strange

  • Huh, OK! Good to hear that it finally worked out. Confusing as to how it got solved, though!

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