Then (7 Dec ’18) and now (22 Mar ’19)

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This is the same area and size. No loose obsticals. Same scenario.

7 Dec: started 11:59 and ended after 1 charge

15:30 = 3,5 hrs = 39 square meters

mute = no, Eco = no

22 Mar: started 9:13 and ended after 2 charge

15:19 = 6 hrs = 39 square meters

mute = no, Eco = no

Different firmware versions between the dates with the latest firmware on the last one.

39 square meters = 6 hrs (include charges) ?



  • Recent cleaning ended with drained battery:

  • When looking at the live map or the robot when it's cleaning, does it seem like it stays for a long time in some areas, like it has a hard time getting out?

    The map looks normal, so it does not seem like the robot would get lost. About how much time does it spend cleaning per charge?

    Do you have a lot of carpets?

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