Then (7 Dec ’18) and now (22 Mar ’19)

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This is the same area and size. No loose obsticals. Same scenario.

7 Dec: started 11:59 and ended after 1 charge

15:30 = 3,5 hrs = 39 square meters

mute = no, Eco = no

22 Mar: started 9:13 and ended after 2 charge

15:19 = 6 hrs = 39 square meters

mute = no, Eco = no

Different firmware versions between the dates with the latest firmware on the last one.

39 square meters = 6 hrs (include charges) ?



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    Recent cleaning ended with drained battery:

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    When looking at the live map or the robot when it's cleaning, does it seem like it stays for a long time in some areas, like it has a hard time getting out?

    The map looks normal, so it does not seem like the robot would get lost. About how much time does it spend cleaning per charge?

    Do you have a lot of carpets?

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    It is a quite easy area. Just wooden floors and has only two places with carpets. They are like Persian carpets so no struggle at all to clean them.

    An update for the last three cleaning sessions is that the robot just stops and just dies. It does not return to the base. It has happen almost on the same spot on one of the carpets. So now the robot is of no good use...

    it is set to clean once a week so the batteries should be okay keeping the changing decently.

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    And I am very thoroughly with picking up loose obstacles and keep the areas free of kitchen chairs etc.

    @raahlb I have not observed the robot in detail how long it can clean on one charge but about 20-25 min I should say.

    the robot looks lost from time to time when I have been around. It returns to some area 4 times is some single occasion.

    in some occasion it looks like it is thinking: “What am I?”

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    Looking at the cloud statistics, your robot actually spends 40-45 minutes cleaning per charge, which is normal.

    After you've found the robot dead on the carpet, does it show any error on the display after you put it in the charger?

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    (saw that this never got send):

    Hehe, and now I experienced two perfectly executed cleaning sessions instead. No change of the setup. One cleaning session did hold the charge 42 min!

    Sorry, I did not think of checking error messages. Will look for it if it turns up again. You can not see any error codes I guess then...

  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator mod

    Saw a single error in the cloud, but cannot see when it occurred. Some errors are logged, but some aren't.

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