Weird Notifications

mrmegadethmrmegadeth ✭✭

Any time I start the vacuum, either automatically or manually, I immediately get a notification back. Usually it's that the cleaning failed due to unknown errors. It still cleans though... And there is no error on the bot

Today I got this... But it's still cleaning.

Weird server issues.


  • Oh, when it finished cleaning, 2 hrs later, it found home just fine.

  • Hi mrmegadeath,
    do you know about when the notifications started behaving wierd?


  • Earlier this year.

    Every day I get "cleaning canceled due to an unknown error" when the bot starts on a schedule. It always finishes cleaning though.

    The error above was the first time for that one.

  • Pressed the play button this morning.

    As you can see the bot is running fine. So either there is an issue with the bot, probably not since it's running, or the server is confused.

  • Thanks!
    We are looking in to this. Let us get back on this

  • Hi @mrmegadeth,
    Could you collect the logs from the robot after the weird notification has happened, and send them to me in a message here, or to [email protected]? Start a cleaning, abort it a few seconds later.

  • Sure. I get it every day, including this morning, so I'll grab them.

  • Zip of Log Attached

  • Scheduled Run Starts at 12:00 US CST. Usually get the notification error 2-3 minutes later.

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