Did the map look change for you?

Has anyone else noticed that the look of the maps in app has changed? Is this intentional (I never saw an update) or is something up with my phone/app.

They are blockier and have a thick black outline now.

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  • Exactly, I have noticed as well :). Maybe I am wrong but considering there was no update on app level, the map is actually loaded from server side as a picture, so in short it means they changed the rendering from backend side. But I think it is definitely a good improvement :) makes more clear the map visualization.

  • @bocsitomcsi is correct - the map is rendered on the server side, and we did change it. Did not know that it was rolled out already. Great that you like it.

  • ”rendered on the server side”?
    Does that mean that:
    -The robot uploads ”raw” data to E-lux server
    - The server draws the map, and sends it to to my app, as a image

    If so,
    is that the reason the map I see, is delayed several seconds?

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