I have called and emailed multiple times with no answers. Where to get parts accessories in US?

Please provide where when parts will be available via store on app. Thank you


  • Love product hate service

  • Hi muffn7,
    Please use the phone number in the application to contact the specialized robot support.

  • Hi,
    I prodded the US support, asking what the situation is. Will get back to you.

  • @muffn7 Kit with brushes and filters will soon be on stock again - purei9.com. You can always reach out to us on [email protected] for questions and service in US.

  • Which e-mail address was it you sent your e-mail to?

  • OK. That is the correct address. You can CC [email protected] also, and he'll make sure your issue is handled.

  • I have answered email I received still no answer back. I now have additional issue battery says extremely low and now the vacuum will not work. Where can I purchase batteries. You should really have a better web shop. Love the vacuum still not fond of service.

  • @PUREi9, are you on this?

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