Robot mapping and navigation doesn't seem right

I have a new Purei9 robot and am having issues with its mapping and navigation when on scheduled mode. After it pauses for charging and goes out again, the robot seems to lose its place on the map - I can see that the robot is not physically where it thinks it is according to the map on the android app. This means that when it needs to return to its charger a second time, it heads in the wrong direction and has trouble finding the charger, taking more than 15 min to return and often not making it back at all. It also means that it cleans areas it has already done and never makes it to the further away areas.

There is also no cleaning history saved in the app (it says that the total area cleaned in February is 0 square metres, and no previous maps are saved) - could this be related?


  • Does it get its position wrong the moment it leaves the charger, or does it take some time?

  • Hi raahlb, thanks for your reply. It appears to go wrong not long after it leaves the charger, though it's quite hard to tell since the map is often slow to update.

  • Is it possible for you to record a video of the robot? Maybe the first 2-3 minutes after it leaves the charger.

    You can force it to resume the cleaning by pressing play in the app or on the robot, so you don't have to wait the full 2 hours - maybe let it charge for around 1 hour though, so it doesn't go back immediately.
    Please also collect the logs from the robot, using the USB port hidden by the dustbin. It's the .rbl file. Mail both it and the video to [email protected]

  • Thanks for your help raahlb. I'll make a recording this weekend.

  • AmyAmy

    Thanks raahlb, I sent an email in the weekend.

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    Thanks. I've received the e-mail, but haven't had the time to look at it yet. Will get back to you when I have.

  • Hi @Amy,
    Thanks for the very detailed videos and descriptions.

    So, in general the problem is your carpets. Some carpets causes the robot's wheel to slip, making it confused about its position. For example in your video 9 at 8:45, the robot is trying to drive straight, but its front is not aligned with its travel direction. A lot of the robot's time is spent trying to reach a position inside a wall, thinking that is where it was previously.

    The fan turning off happens when the robot knows it's quite lost - it saves power while doing a search from scratch for the charger.

    It's best for the robot if the charger is put in a hard-floor room. As the robot follows the wall on its right, it is preferable if the charger is to the left of a door leading into an area with carpets. For example you might put it between the two doors to the left of the fridge. It's a tight fit, but the door oughtn't cause any trouble. Another option would be in the linoleum floor room, as far in as possible, away from the living room.

    Even with a change in charger placement, it is likely that the robot will spend a lot of time being lost in the carpeted rooms. It getting a solid feel for its starting area will help, but only so much. If it still has lots of problems, I fully understand you requesting a refund.

  • Thanks raahlb. My robot is currently with Electrolux NZ for an assessment, so I will see what they come back with, and will have a go at placing the charger in a different position.

    That is very disappointing to hear that the robot is unlikely to work well on carpet, especially as my carpet is not even very thick! This was not communicated on the packaging or by the sales rep, or in the product information online. If you have any chance to pass on this feedback to your marketing department so that they can make improvements in the way they communicate this limitation, that would be good.

  • It's hard to know in advance which carpets will cause trouble, and it is not åurely related to the thickness. But yes, I agree it is something we should make customers aware of, that it can be an issue.

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