New Owner, i9 recharges a lot. and other, issues?

So I will confess I purchased two robot vacuums; one is the Pure i9 and I'll say the other is from that other company that makes D shaped robots. I am planning on only keeping one and was hoping for it to be the Electrolux as I love your products and Scandinavian design

First off I love the design of the Pure i9, the large corner brush is fantastic about pulling dirt from corners, and it NEVER bumps into ANYTHING it's impressive in those regards.

I am having a couple of peculiar issues however and was curious if it is normal behavior.

  • I live in a 750sqft studio apartment & the vacuum has to use 3 full charges to make one pass at the whole place where the other one I have does it in about 40min on one charge
  • it sometimes forgets half my apartment exists. I can't seem to program a floor plan into it; I receive a live floor plan as it's doing its passes. However, it does not seem to use this data to clean more effectively in the future
  • It seems to be missing a lot of dog fur and dirt in my carpets, when I run the other vacuum I purchased it pulls it all up. however, it is a little louder, but at a retail price of half the I9's price (before sale) I thought the I9 should be better at picking up dirt.
  • Also the app shows the completely wrong cleaning times and the schedule only has a 24hr mode unless I'm missing a time zone and clock feature in the app
  • in relation to the floor plan, it seems to haphazardly clean going over some areas twice and others once or not at all

for reference

  • SW Version: 36.13
  • Eco Mode is Off
  • Battery Status: Medium
  • Cleaned and replaced brush roll
  • App Version 6.0 (iOS 12.2, iPhone XS Max)


  • Hi,
    I have not tried the other robot you're speaking of, but IIRC it's quite a bit bigger, which would allow it to have bigger batteries. Then again, ours should last for 40 minutes, at least on hard-floor. Can't comment the carpet dust pick-up.

    We had a bug with the timezone not being correct in the app, but I thought it was fixed. Are you running the latest version? Is the time always incorrect? Does it seem to match GMT?

    When the robot is re-cleaning an area, does it have its position wrong in the map in the app too?

  • So the other robot is slightly larger than the pure i9, so I had the same thought. However, the single battery in the D5 is 4200mah and the two batteries in the Pure i9 2300mah each making it 4600mah in total.

    The clean time on my D5 is about 1hr21 min to complete a full clean cycle or about 85% of the battery, each Pure i9 cycle lasts about 34min and takes 3-4 charge cycles to complete a full clean.

    The time zone will show that my vacuum started cleaning at 4 am even though it was 10 am. the odd thing is that the scheduler in the app gets the time correctly, although in 24hr format

    I put the app and robot version in the original post. everything is up to date

  • raahlbraahlb admin
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    Ah, I guess it is a question of the motors then, using different amounts of power. Not involved in that part of the product, but it's always a hard choice between dust pickup/motor power and running time. But it is true - the running time is one of the more common complaints.

    I just spoke to the app team - apparently the fix for the time zone problem was released yesterday (version 6.1). Get back to me if it's still showing the wrong time.

    We Swedes do love our 24H format. Do put in a request in "Feedback & Feature Requests" if you would like the app to support 12H also.

  • I just got the app update and it did fix the time issue. the other issues still remain though. is there a way to program a map into it so it will more efficiently clean the floor plan alot of the time that it is cleaning it sits and 'looks' around

  • No, there is no way to tell the robot how it will diviade the area into smaller regions.

    Just a little curious, how many sqf is it cleaning and in how long time?

  • my place is in total about 800sqft, however, due to furniture, closets, and utility room the robot doesn't clean that whole area the app says about 560sqft. it takes all day due to charging starts at 9am goes until about 8pm. 3 total charge cycles

  • If you look in the history, there should be area and cleaning time for every cleaning. That time is without the time spent in charging. Can you give me a few examples of area and time from the history?

  • here is a couple screen shots

  • here is another

  • Thanks!

    Yes it seems a little slow.

    • What type of floors do you have?
    • do you have rugs? thick? thin?
    • thresholds?
    • Is the robot slow in any special place all the time or is the whole cleaning slow?

    If you can send me the log files I can try to see what it spends time on doing. Remove the dustbin and you will find a micro USB port on the left side. Connect it to a computer and you should be able to copy the log files. You can send them to me here as a private message.

  • The floors are about half carpet and half hardwood.

    The rugs are all low pile

    There is about a quarter of an inch threshold between the main living area and the bedroom

    The robot itself doesn't seem slow while it's moving, but it does stop occasionally for an extended period. I assume it's mapping during this period.

    I'll see what I can do to get the logs. Will it work on a Mac?

  • how do i access the logs. i plugged it into my iMac with no disk mounting

  • raahlbraahlb admin
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    You cannot find any device called "Unknown" in the file browser?
    What version of MacOS are you running?

  • not that i can find

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    I tested using a Mac Mini here at the office - it worked fine. What version of MacOS are you running?

    Do you have any other computer you can try?

  • Please check that the USB cable you are using can be used for data transfers. There are cables that can only charge.

  • im using 10.4.4 mojave. does the vacuum mount as a hard drive?

  • it was the cable @raahlb i sent you the files off of it

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    Thanks. A bit busy, so haven't had time to look at the logs, but will get back to you.

  • raahlbraahlb admin

    It seems like the robot sometimes has trouble getting past the narrower area to the left in the map. You have a chair or something there, partially blocking the path, right? Moving it will probably help in getting the full apartment cleaned. I marked it and another tight spot in your map image:

    Regarding the cleaning taking time - not sure, but it might simply be that the carpets are taking a lot of time to clean. They can also cause the robot's idea of its position to be wrong - this should be what happens when you see it cleaning the same area multiple times. Though, if the map you see in the app is fairly accurate to your actual floor plan, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    You could try moving the charger to different rooms, to see if it affects the cleaning time. Do note that it is not recommended to have the charger on a carpet.

    We are working on decreasing the amount of time the robot spends mapping. However, the largest part will always be spent in actual cleaning - I'm guessing, but I'd assume the mapping accounts for less than 10% of the time.

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