E13 error

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Hi, my Purei9 keeps saying my roll brush is stuck, and showing the E13 error. I have removed the brush roller multiple times, cleaned it, removed all traces of hair etc., but still won't work.

The black 'end' of the roller does look to have some lines/marks on it, as though it did get stuck and has rubbed. Would there be damaged sensors or anything? I can manually rotate the roller when it is in place.


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    Hi Mardee,
    Your robot most likely has a problem on the drive side of the roller. Hair and fiber have gotten in behind the red drive cap and made the axle hard to turn.
    This problem hs to be fixed by a service station. Please contact your local service via the number that can be found in your application. They will fix the issue and install a new and improved drive part

  • Thankyou for that. I have returned it to the place of purchase and they are arranging it all for me! 🙂

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