E:23 error on a BRAND NEW robot?

This does not bode well. Please contact me immediately to resolve this error that appeared right out of the box!

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  • I performed a reboot by pressing the play/pause button while the robot is in the charging base for about 8 seconds until it went all dark, then after a couple of minutes I pressed the play/pause button again and it now displays only the red battery pulsing and the time is blank because - due to the lack of battery power, I haven’t yet been able to set it up on WiFi.

  • Hi, Martin

    I appreciate your quick response and will call the service number for replacement batteries this morning!

    Thank you again,


  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Please let us know how it goes and where you are located :smile:

  • @MartinKwarnmark Thank you for your work, MartinKwarnmark!

    I purchased from purei9.com website 2/1/19 and I am in the USA.  :-)

    I am expecting a confirmation email today for: 2 replacement batteries quickly shipped along with a 1-month warranty extension for loss of use on a brand new product due to manufacturing defect.

    Honest review/first impressions-

    The telephone number on the app works, but is never answered by a human so you must leave a voicemail. That leaves much room for improvement since ElectroLUX wants to be a luxury or shall we say upper echelon appliance brand and it just doesn't look good to have to use voicemail in 2019. Still, it wouldn't be a huge deal necessarily - except for the fact that the nice gentleman who responds to those voicemails said that those voicemails (after the "...thank you or calling Electrolux..." introduction) are apparently routed to Anova Culinary (congratulations on the Anova Culinary acquisition) but that he "will forward the information to Pure i9 support". So, clearly there are some bugs left to be worked out in your support system. That does partially explain why the shipping came from Anova Culinary and not from "Electrolux Pure i9" or similar. Bottom line is you folks are doing a great job, you're on the right track in so many aspects ; it's just the finer details that need to be ironed out, so-to-speak. Impression is that you are doing a great job, Martin and team! Thanks again.

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Thanks for your nice words, they made my morning :blush:

  • @MartinKwarnmark- :'( just got the bad news this evening that I would have to wait until the probably April :o for me to receive replacement batteries >:) . That's obviously an unacceptable level of customer service, so I suggested a few solutions so we can avoid a negative outcome and keep this Pure i9 sale alive :)
    Martin, do you have any influence on your company's service department to get this issue resolved or should I just give up, get a refund and order a Roomba i7? :| Please pleeeeaaasssee tell me there is hope and that Electrolux will come through, make it right with this customer and not disappoint! :)

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi Fullerdaryl,
    I understand your disappointment!
    I have heard rumors that we have a shortage of cells in some places of the world. There is hopefully a solution where there could be batteries in another market that could be shipped to you.
    I will check with the organisation in the US

  • Hi, MartinKwarnmark

    Support offered to refund, so I accepted 😕. They emailed me a return label and it should arrive back in Stafford, TX soon. I now have to get another one. Amazon price is more and fluctuates frequently but I think that’s what I may have to do to get it, though I already sent them one back because they wouldn’t price match 😂. So this will be my THIRD Pure i9! I’m an expert at unboxing them now.

  • superdave240superdave240 Member

    July 19, 2019


    E23 CODE





  • vespamanvespaman Member

    Can't you just return it to whoever you bought it from?
    (you left your caps lock on)

  • superdave240superdave240 Member

    No. They left no way to return it, and will not return the calls or emails or answer on the message board. Over 3 business days have passed and no response. Credit card company has refunded my money, so the burden is on them now to reach out to provide a shipping label.

    They have lost all credibility with me. It's sad.

  • superdave240superdave240 Member

    Never returned the multiple calls to support. Over a week now.

  • GrahamGraham Member

    I brought this vacuum based on Choice magazine's robot pick of the year, from day 1 I had problems E23 code, spoke to Electrolux's tech people, they told me how to fix it, so for a year I did this fix but now their solution does not work, feeling ripped off!! I had an LG robot which was 1/2 the price, it worked great for years, until my 2 year old thought it would be good to ride. Now I'm wishing I had of stuck with LG.

  • How did they tell you to fix it???

  • DingoStarDingoStar Member

    Take the batteries out and unplug them then but them back in and it should work.

    It worked for me, the vac is only few months old

  • markTmarkT Member, Administrator admin

    E23 means the robot can't detect the batteries. This can be because the battery packs (which include a small electronic circuit) are not functioning correctly, or (more rarely) because the connector plug is not correctly seated. Removing and replacing batteries may help in the latter case, so it is worth trying, but the most common cause of this error is a faulty battery pack, so they will likely need replacing.

  • 1. My calls to customer service way over a year ago were never returned.

    2. You can't even buy batteries for these pieces of junk in the United States.

    3. It was dead on arrival. I've been an electronics technician since 1983. I think I would be able to determine whether or not a battery plug was seated correctly or not.

    4. You are correct, it is most likely faulty battery pack components. However, there is no customer support whatsoever. There is no one to answer the phone period there is no one who returns a phone call. Biggest piece of junk that I have ever purchased for this type of money. It's a shame that they used a reputable name to Market such a piece of junk.

    5. It remains in its brand new box inside my office where it is been since it was shipped almost 2 years ago. It never ran the first time.

  • SumitraVengalilSumitraVengalil Administrator admin

    Dear SuperDave,

    We are extremely sorry for your unpleasant experience. Please send me a pm with you email id and purchase details. I will ask the local support to reach out you .

  • Sumitra and Bill reached out and...... - the new batteries arrived. After sitting in my office for a year and a half - it's alive! It charged fine and the setup went well. The software updated to the latest version, and it functions geat. Thank you.

  • RuchiBRuchiB Member

    I am also getting the same error. Please help. I am not able to take out the battery also to try what is mentioned in the manual.

  • superdave240superdave240 Member

    There are 2 batteries that need to be removed and reconnected. If that does not clear the error you will need new batteries.

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