How do I change wifi?

ArtoArto Member

I moved to another house and have changed wifi. How do I change this on the robot (Pure i9)?

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  • mraskermrasker Member


    Any update on when this simple feature will be available? I have also recently changed my wifi and would need to change the wifi setting for our Pure i9.2.

    I assume that "onboarding" the cleaner again means loosing all the settings I have made and its history , or there a way to do the "onboarding" without loosing all the settings?

    Thank you in advance

  • SzegiSzegi Member

    is it fixed already? today have similar issue

  • MG0MG0 Member

    Hello, I have a pure i9 since january 2021. I had the same problem after changing my wifi (new provider). For your information, if you register a new robot you can specify the new wifi connexion but you loose all the stored data. You need restart with discover mode.

    I don't find another solution to change the wifi. If you have one please tell me :)

    @Eletrolux members, Maybe should the app be updated to allow to change the wifi connexion. Isn't it ?

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