Vacuum clean area again and again when moved

The i9 when paused and move to another location will go into a stuck mode cleaning an area again and again when the new area image is different from the last one. My suspect is the firmware did not include memory flush and got confused. When you off and on, then it becomes normal. Other brand don’t have this issue.


  • Hi!
    Yes, you are describing the normal behaviour of the robot, and your suspicion is correct- when the robot is paused, it assumes that it will be restarted in the same position. If you "un-pause" it somewhere else, it will look confused. This assumption saves time in most cases, otherwise the robot would have to scan its surroundings and relocalise itself each time it is "un-paused".

    If you want to clean another area, hold down the pause button for a couple of seconds (until it beeps and the display turns off). This tells the robot that you are done cleaning the current area. Then you press play to start it again in the new area.

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