How do I know when charged

I just purchased today and have the robot on the charger. Is shows the battery flashing for a few mins and then goes blank? then when i press the on button is shows it flashing. Is this normal for it to go to a blank screen after a while??


  • Hi Kat123,
    THe behaviour you describe is normal. You can check the status of the robot in the application. If it is charging it will state that in the app.
    As time goes most of us become less interested in the robot telling stuff on the display so it will be dark most of the time to not disturb.
    In the beginning though while the robot is still very interesting there is no end to the information need :smile:

  • Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it hasn’t charged enough to even connect to the ap. I am been sent new battery’s to see if that works! A little frustrating that i havnt been abel to get it working hey hopefully the battery’s sort it:)

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