Robot does not want to start from home base

Hello there,
I have problem with my beloved vacuuming robot. Once day it started to bahave very strange. When it's docked and when i select "play button" on robot, or in app robot tries to start, but it fails every time. At first it looks like it perform it standard startup procedure, but the problem is:

  • it spins the blower
  • it switch off the blower
  • tries to start side brush BUT it looks like it does not have enough power to spin this brush.
    Side brush starts to spin (few degrees) then stops, home button flashes once, battery flashes once in red (like there is some serius voltage drop). It tries to spin this brush few times, then tries to redock. Meanwhile in app for a fraction of second there appers message "vacuuming stopped because of low battery"

You would say - replace the battery, but I have measured battery votage during this startup, and it stays solid - 8,18-8,22V on each
And (!!) when i remove it from docking station (or unplug power supply) it works! It start vacuuming as it should without any problem. Second problem is, when i put it back into base it starts to charge, but battery LED blinks 8-10 times every time and thats all, it does not charge (24,2V on contacts, which were cleaned many times)

robot works on 36.13 firmware (i tried to istall it again via USB, but no luck, problem remains the same, it looks like some software issue..)

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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