RX9 Not cleaning under furniture

Why my RX9 is not cleaning under my sofa since there’s 120mm and in the instructions they ask for 95mm?

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  • raahlbraahlb Member, Moderator admin

    What is the behaviour of the robot? Does it not try at all, or does it only partially clean below it?

  • sandreisandrei Member

    Unfortunately it’s not even trying, it’s acting like there’s a wall. In the picture above I just pushed the robot a little under the sofa so it can be clear that there is enough space.

  • sandreisandrei Member

    Hi, yes it makes a lot of sense, I will try to rise the liner this week and ill come back with the results.
    Thank you.

  • sandreisandrei Member

    Hi again, thx for the advice, tried it this weekend and worked.

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