Customer service

Let me start by saying I love the i9 when it worked properly. Better than my samsung or irobot. The i9 started giving me problems and customer service sent a shipping label to return it and they would replace it with a new unit.
It was received by the warehouse received the unit over 10 days ago. I've gotten silence and finally thank for your patience.
I love the i9 but wont buy another one. Totally frustrating.


  • If you are in the US there are a few of us that have had the same reaction, the customer service is non existent.

    If it helps, the vacuum is pretty great when working. I'd give it a second chance personally.

  • Now I have no unit for 2 weeks. No emails, nothing. Hard to give it a chance if I dont have a unit
    Yes, I'm in USA in new york.

  • Feb 11, 2019. No unit, no email, nothing

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