Battery charge level indicator

It would be good to have a battery charge level indicated % in the App. That way you can make a decision whether it is enough charged for a short cleaning which you can start manually.

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  • MartinMartin Member

    This is something I'm missig too.

  • SpinRush_C1SpinRush_C1 Member
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    To Whom It May Concern:
    We just purchased the Electrolux Pure i9 2 days ago. We were very excited about this robocleaner because our previous model by a different maker died.

    It started up and went to work. One thing I noticed immediately was that it was a bit louder than our previous model. My first thought was "This is a newer and better model than previous generations." It seemed to expend a bit a more power to get the job done. It covered about 2meters of space and then things took a sudden turn.

    It started spinning around in one place. The app said that it needed to pause to charge. I was okay but a bit surprised it only ran for 10 minutes. I didn't worry too much because we still had to move things around in the rooms to allow the device to clean all around our home. Back to the charging station.

    Another 24 hours pass and now I'm at work. Excited to put the device to work remotely, I turned on my app. "The battery is low" message was the first thing I got from it. The video cameras in my home show that is parked at it's base station. Hmmm, something is amiss.

    I retraced my installation steps in my mind. We opened the box. Then looked over the device and it's base station. Checked the instruction manual. Wow, this is pretty much plug and play. I downloaded the app. After that, I registered the bar code at the bottom with the app. I downloaded the update as I predicted there would be in this day and age. Everything went very smoothly until we experienced "low battery" issues. This device is brand spanking new, fresh out the box.

    Now I believe there might be a problem with the device. After the workday, I will return home and immediately attempt to run the device. I'm reporting this issue immediately. without hesitation and documenting what I'm experiencing.

    The OP of this thread is correct. The app and the device need to display the battery percentage available. Furthermore, Electrolux should collect performance and usage data periodically so that the company is aware of what it's customers are experiencing and common usage of the device.

    If I experience the same problem tonight, you will be hearing from me again within 24 hours. In the meanwhile, if there are any other suggestions beyond cleaning the base pad connections and the device connections with rubbing alcohol I am open to them.

    I hope this can be resolved because it seems Electrolux has an excellent product. I watched it clean in it's first run. The software and sensors are spot on. Right now, I'm very concerned about the battery and charging issues.

    My friend would often joke "A smartphone with no power is nothing more than a paperweight".

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,
    "Low Battery in Japan".

  • MartinKwarnmarkMartinKwarnmark Member, Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi SpinRush_C1,
    Thanks for your report and kind words on the product. This is obviously not how the robot should behave. Please try a few more ties and if things do not improve you will need to get the robot examined and most likely the batteries should be replaced but now I'm moving ahead of the investigation.

    We are collecting performance data and also your opinions and experiences via this forum. Our data is the source of many improvements that we do to the product. We also listen to your suggestions here and in other forums where our product is discussed.
    In the near future, you will all get the fruit of the work that we have put into upgrading the functionality of both navigation and interaction with the product.

    Please be in touch and tell us how it goes with your robot.

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