How do I prevent the vacuum from resuming vacuuming in the evening?

I have the schedule set to start at 9am. Today the vacuum's battery ran low around 3pm and went back "home". Around 5pm it resumed vacuuming again, but I don't want it running when I'm at home. How can I prevent it from starting in the evening or night?


  • Hi thomasj,
    You can use IFTTT to set up a geofence where you don't allow the robot to clean while you are inside.
    You can also do your own scheduling so that any cleaning mission will be aborted at certain times. With some tinkering you can connect and sync those events to planned meetings in your calendar. You could with the IFTTT service do all scheduling in your normal schedule.
    There are a lot of interested and knowledgeable users in the community that can offer help if needed.
    I have a smart watch with connection to IFTTT and can start and stop my robots with the push of a button. Only bad thing is that I sometimes push the button by accident :smile:

    We will come with smarter scheduling and more options directly in the application but in the meantime IFTTT is a good way of opening almost limitless options to our users.

  • I have this issue too. What on earth is IFTTT?

  • Hi eebee
    I you do a quick search in this forum for IFTTT you should find the information you need.

    Regards Claes

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