Control PUREi9 with Siri

Thanks to IFTTT support you can now control your robot via Siri.

It takes a bit of tinkering, but if you are familiar with IFTTT (webhooks) and Siri Shortcuts app (iOS 12 onwards) you should be ok. An excellent guide that you can adapt to your robot’s commands can be found here:

How to trigger applets with iOS 12’s shorts app and Siri

I made three commands for my robot: Start, pause and return home:

Similar to other discussions about IFTTT on this board, you can adapt these to incorporate geofencing and other conditions.

IFTTT is fairly slow to respond to commands. It would be great if the PUREi9 iOS app eventually support Siri Shortcuts. I’ll put an entry in the requests areas!

If you need any help setting up your commands let me know.


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