Pure i9 not connecting to ASUS RT-AC88U

AkimjoAkimjo Member

My Pure i9 can’t complete set up when i try to set it up using my ASUS RT-AC88U. Has anyone else that problem or a solution to that problem? (Im using separate bands so no single ssid)

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  • AkimjoAkimjo Member
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    I got it to work! It just took a very long time to verify the connection. About 5 minutes. Didn't have that much patience the first time i set it up.


  • klintklint Member, Moderator mod

    Hi Akimjo,
    I’ve got the same router model at home and have experienced the same issues. However, for me it always works if I first restart the router. Therefore this seems to me as an issue with some kind of memory leak in the router since it appears after the router has been on for a while.
    Luckily (to me at least) these issues only appear during the first onboarding of my robot. After that it works flawlessly
    Please try this yourself to see if it works for you as well!

  • klintklint Member, Moderator mod

    Glad to hear it worked out for you! Did you restart the router or did it work anyway?

  • AkimjoAkimjo Member

    First i restarted it, didn’t help. Then i did a factory reset on the router, that didn’t help either. Then i started the set up while tinkering with the router settings and after a while the app finally found the router.

  • klintklint Member, Moderator mod

    Ok, glad you managed to solve it!

  • klintklint Member, Moderator mod

    This is an old thread by now but in case someone else would experience similar issues I recommend to disable "Airtime Fairness" in the Wireless menu >> Professional Tab >> Airtime Fairness. That's solved my issues with on-boarding to this access point

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