Floor to ceiling mirrors & curtains - Robot gets stuck

The bedroom in my house has one entire wall of curtains, and then at right angles to that a significant amount of wall is floor to ceiling mirrors (which are the doors to the built in wardrobes). A picture is attached.

Every time the robot attempts to navigate these rooms it gets stuck running up and down the curtained section, often stopping in the corner where the mirror and curtain meets spinning 360. I have tried cleaning this room at various times of the day (for the sun), but nothing seems to help. If I draw the curtains open as far as I can, the robot then gets fixated on the mirrored wall. All other parts of the room it is perfectly happy with.

Any ideas on how I can make this work?


  • Hi,

    It sounds like the issue is the carpet. Is it directional, so the robot drifts a lot in a certain direction when it drives on it?

    Curtains are usually not a problem, neither are mirrors. The robot either avoids the trimming at the bottom, or sees itself in the mirror and avoids itself.

  • The carpet is like a small waffle. I’ll try to get you some footage of it if you like?

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    Here are some videos of my robot freaking out while trying to clean near curtains. Movement caused by navigation bumps and gentle changes in air pressure (the windows are closed) are causing the robot to get confused perhaps?



    And here is the map it is producing, which is actually the same room duplicated. The robot thinks it has moved to a new space, but it has actually been stuck in the same room for some time:

  • Yes, this should be because of the robot's wheels slipping on the carpet. When the robot thinks it's in a new room because of this, it will unfortunately spend a lot of time trying to reach the "old" area, or thinking there is more space left to clean. For sure, it will be quite confused about what the floor plan is. It is not related to the sunlight or bumping.

    Sadly there is not much to do about it, as far as I know. @MartinKwarnmark, any suggestions?

  • I’ve watched close as the robot has moved along the carpet - there is no slipping that I can see. It is a normal type carpet - if the robot can’t manage on then there is a major concern for the product.

    I believe it is more a navigation issue that can hopefully be refined through updates. :)

  • P1rP1r admin

    If possible it would be very interesting to see what happens if you run the roboot when there is no sunlight and block of the lower 3dm of the mirror with some cardboard or similar and see if it makes a difference.

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