Alternative cleaning patterns

The current cleaning pattern, breaking the space into 2x2m squares, seems to makes sense in most situations. It would be great to be able to select other cleaning patters from the app in certain situations. Here are some that would be useful for me.

Perimeter clean: The robot traces the edges of the space, focusing on corners. Sometimes after a normal clean I wish the robot would go back and focus on all the edges / corners where things accumulate or have been missed in the first run.

Random clean: Like the first generation of robot vacuums, the robot randomly ‘bounces’ throughout the space in straight lines. This would be handy where the space isn’t particularly dirty, but you just want a quick freshen up. This might also be better for spaces where the normal guidance struggles - such as bright shines areas, floor to ceiling mirrors and curtains.

Parallel lines: Instead of breaking the space into 2x2m blocks, it cleans in larger runs of parallel lines. This is how some of the other products out there clean. This would be more effective for larger spaces.

Thank you!

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