Continuing cleaning program

1) How do I get the robot to continue a cleaning program after it has been stuck or similar? The app then says ready to clean and when selecting clean the started pattern is ereased and a new is started. This means that I have yet to complete a full cleaning of the house!

2) How do I pause a cleaning program and the restart it again without having alrready cleaned parts being cleaned again?


  • Hi Carl,

    1) If the robot gets stuck and shows an error code, you can free it without pressing any button and then put it down in the same place and with the same heading. Then just press Play once, and it should continue cleaning from there.

    2) If you press Play/Pause once, the robot will stop in place and blink the play symbol. (Such as if you get a telephone call.) If you then press Play/Pause again, it should continue the cleaning from where it was paused.

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