Cleaning a multi level home - Best approach

My home has two levels. The robot and charger live on ground level, hidden under the couch. I can’t easily pick it up off the charger. What is the best approach for temporarily relocating to the first floor for a clean? I don’t want to move or buy a new charger.

Currently I start a clean on the ground floor, and when the robot emerges from under the couch I pick it up, causing it to pause, and then take it upstairs. To start cleaning again I press the play/pause button. This isn’t ideal as the robot has already started mapping and doesn’t know it has been relocated. Later in the clean it freaks out about not being able to find the charger and also tends to miss spots around where I place it on the first floor.

I need a way to make it start afresh without being back in the charger.

Thanks for your thoughts!



  • Hi,

    You could do as you describe to get it out from the sofa, then pause it and carry it to the first floor. But before you restart the cleaning there, hold the Play button long enough for the screen to go black. That aborts the ongoing cleaning. Then you can place it on the floor and press Play to start a new cleaning from scratch.

    When the robot is done or runs out of battery, it will simply return to the place where you started it.

  • That’s awesome @magnus_lindhe - thanks for the tip. B)

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