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Hi, I've bought pure i9 2 months ago and I have to say it's an impressive and really efficient device. However after last sw upgrade to 36.13, it seems to me that robot navigation is different compared to previous sw. Sometimes it completly miss and not clean an area without any obstacles in the way, sometimes I found it cleaning areas already cleaned before and that's why it drain batteries sooner. Special case is thin carpet in living room. It does not have a problem to cimb over it and clean it, but cleaning is not consistent with pattern like on the hard floor, robot is just wandering on it and most of the time it not clean it completely. On the other side, carpet in another room which is thicker but also brighter is everytime cleaned without any problem.
I did several resets, but no improvement.

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  • Hi Martin,
    It sounds like the thin carpet is slippery for the robot. The robot will wait with carpets that are thicker than 15 mm. If a carpet is too thick for the robot to navigate properly on, it will then avoid it or immediately climb off it again after testing the surface. This function exists because very thick carpets can be slippery for the wheels, causing problems for the navigation and cleaning pattern.
    In your case it sounds like this thin carpet is very hard for the robot to navigate on. A rule of thumb is that if the carpet is hard to vacuum by hand the robot will also find it hard.
    However the robot can clean often and will then cover the missed area during the next cleaning so it is usually not a big problem in the long run. Of course we are working hard to get the robot to perform perfectly on all surfaces and with every upgrade there is improvements to most functions in them.

    We are also working on a larger package of upgrades for next year that will most certainly help not from a robot perspective but from interaction with the user.
    Stay tuned for that :smile:

  • Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I read about the carpet issues before so that's why I replaced thick long hair carpet by thin woven carpet-unfortunately, new one is litlle bit bumpy and that is maybe a problem for the robot to move on it. Anyway it still has more than 50% success rate of clening it all :) you can check attached maps to see how it looks like. Red square is the carpet area.
    Even it has few issues, I think pure i9 is great device, and everytime I check the dust bin I'm surprised how much dust it can collect. Sometimes I think of, if the robot is not creating it during the night :)

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